Our Vision & Values

Our Goal at Delta is to support all Small Businesses and Individual who would otherwise not have access to proper help and support with their Accounting needs. Clients often tell us that our attention to detail and great customer service separates us from all the other accountants they have ever worked with.

Our Mission

We want to change the way business is conducted in our field. We focus on high quality service and on developing partnerships with our clients. We aim to earn and retain their respect and trust year after year. We know that business owners think big. That's what makes them successful. As a partner with these businesses, we help them reach their goals.

We believe that promises are not filled by products and technology - but by people. We are a talented and motivated team and care about our clients and our reputation. We fulfill our commitments to our clients, to our community and to ourselves. We want to be known for our dedication and contributions to our community and we will do this by upholding our commitments to the environment and to the locale we serve.

We strive to bring a work/life balance to our clients and to ourselves. We believe that people should not live to work. The services we offer educate and assist business owners and individuals, helping them save time and money. This allows them time to enjoy the pleasures of more important concerns, such as personal time, family, friends and vacation.

Core Values

We strongly believe business must be supported by a culture built on core values. We don't subscribe to the tenets of typical corporate America that profess creating value for their clients, but fail the value-provided test time after time. We are a small company that lives by our values - not as memorized phrases - but as operating ideals. All clients, including our friends and neighbors, who give us an opportunity to help them, are treated with equal respect and value.

We are proud to base the way we conduct business on three core values that form the pillars of our company - partnership, integrity and achievement. We try to exemplify all of these values in our daily work.

Partnership - With Delta Effects, clients are never "just another paying customer." Instead, clients are a valuable partner with whom we desire a long-term relationship and who are always welcomed as guests in our office. We sincerely care about our clients and their business. Client opinions matter to us. We maintain open lines of communication for all interaction between us and our clients.

Integrity - Our work ethics are old-fashioned and we believe in taking ownership of our mistakes. We will not only tell clients if an error is made - we will do everything we can to correct the error. We stand behind our work. At Delta Effects, we are honest and ethical. Always!

Achievement - Client success is our Pride!!! We are only successful if our clients are successful. We will always go that extra mile to champion clients and their business. We deliver results that leave clients feeling confident and satisfied.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We believe in a united world and that each person is the keeper of our environment. Therefore, we are committed to sustainable business practices. Where possible, we pledge to use environmentally friendly products such as Energy Star rated appliances and recycled paper. We pledge to adopt green practices that reduce waste and encourage recycling, reuse and reconditioning. Taking these measures is a responsible step toward keeping our shared planet healthy. We also volunteer for and support various environmental and societal charities.

Our Commitment to the Community

Our commitment to the local community extends far beyond our business. Just as we hope that our neighbors will seek us out for their personal or business needs, we will direct our personal and business needs toward local vendors. We will only go elsewhere if there are no local solutions. We pledge to give back to our community on a consistent basis - through donations to local causes, volunteer work or knowledge. We want to fill a positive role in the development and support of our community.

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